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Wigginz – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 DJ Lineup


At the very tender age of 15, born and raised Calgarian Matt Wiggins AKA Wigginz was introduced to the iconic rave scene in Calgary. Shortly after his first show, which was the legendary Aphrodite at Rollerland, he instantly knew he had found something that he wanted to become a part of and his life was about to change. After that show, he begged his parents to get his first set of Technic 1200’s and a simple Numark mixer. By 16, Matt was living at the local record shops everyday after school, and hitting every rave available on the weekends. After eventually acquiring quite the drum and bass record collection, Matt started playing local gigs and house parties, which fueled him to get better and better on the decks. After years of being in the scene and on the turntables, the Calgary rave scene died down in his early 20’s and Wigginz took a hiatus from both performing and going to shows to pursue a college degree. But something was dearly missed, and that was the love of the music, the scene, and the pure enjoyment of playing for a crowd. At the beginning of 2014 Matt was offered to play once again at a Come Correct Deejay competition (Come Correct being a local Drum and Bass/Reggae crew) and of course he couldn’t turn it down. Matt not only won the deejay competition, but also got asked to be a part of the Come Correct Crew which of course was a definite yes on his part. Now Matt is back on track playing bigger and better shows, continuously putting out mixes and staying on top of his game. If you have ever seen him play out live you can tell how much he loves Drum and Bass as well as his love for making people move on the dance floor. Wigginz is back in Full Force. He is a Junglist through and through and does not plan on disappearing anytime soon!