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The White Owl! – FozzyFest 2018!


The White Owl!

white owl postThe White Owl resides within the forest, running wild with the spirits of the animals, seeking inspiration from the creatures that live within trees. His purpose? To bring the forest and the people together as one, with the bonding power of music, bliss and love, because we all know the wolves, squirrels, and bears appreciate a soothing bassline as much as we humans do. The White Owl!s sound is a mosaic of influences including Swing, Balkan, Bliss, Carnival, Tribal, Bhangra, Rainbows, Tropical and of course Winning! Leaving people feeling happy, content, and inevitably inspired. The White Owl! looks forward to spreading his wings and smothering beautiful festival beings with hugs, love and delightful sounds to dance with sky above our heads and the earth beneath our feet.

-With Love and Gratitude,

The White Owl!

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