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The Untied Wild – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 Workshops

The Untied Wild

I am a creative wellness coach that facilities a fun space for people to explore creativity, connection, movement, and playfulness. I did a workshop last year at Fozzy and I would like to do an upgraded version of that. I use music, comedy, philosophy, and games to get people out of their heads and into their bodies + playful nature. My goal is to help festival goers surrender into the festival experience by removing the shame from their inner child and inner creature. We go to festivals to connect and have fun and I see my workshop as tool for festival goers to practice letting go while moving, laughing, and connecting with each other through play. Along with the workshop games I also entertain the audience with plenty of live music and comedy. My professional background is in Fitness Coaching, Creative Coaching, Youth Mentorship, Special Needs Caregiver, Entertainer. Hopefully we get to play 🙂 much love.

Facilitated by Braden Lyster (Troo Knot)