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The Art and Craft of Dream Weaving – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 Workshops

The Art and Craft of Dream Weaving

The Art of Dreaming is the way in which we receive the internal vision of a dream and move to manifest the vision into our shared reality. During this workshop we will be practicing the Art of Dreaming through inspiring stories and by crafting of your own Dream Portal (aka dream catcher) to carry you into your sweetest of dreams.

Join us for this body-grounding and heart-inspiring session of weaving our dreams of the more beautiful world into a unique festival souvenir; a symbol of our interconnected paths into the future. This creative process is open to all skill levels and will be accompanied by crafting instructions as well as practical tools for living the life you dream of.

Materials to craft a personal Dream Portal, including a willow hoop from the festival land, will be provided. You are invited to bring any material offerings (beads, feathers, etc.), or personal items (like a special crystal) to add to your Dream Portal.

Facilitated by Skye Dreamer