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Spinning Lotus – Hula Hoop Workshop – FozzyFest 2018!

2013 Workshops

Spinning Lotus – Hula Hoop Workshop

The Spinning Lotus Collective takes inspiration from the blossoming flower in which they got their name from. Starting out by learning to hoop in a cramped apartment in Calgary, Alberta, the two endured a winter filled with bruises, bloody noses, and broken housewares.

Once they were able to move their frustrating practise outside, the duo was able to experience hooping without restrictions and elevate their hoop dance to a more spiritual level.

Three years of hooping within the Calgary prop community and at festivals, organizing park meet ups and teaching small groups lead to their first performance in 2013.

The girls set upon a journey to share their love of love hoop dance and finding inner peace within the hoop during the spring of 2013.

Currently moving forward with their passion, the Spinning Lotus Collective wants to embody movement and inspire others to find their inner flow.