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Sonny Chiba

He’s loud… he’s proud… He always wins the crowd. His unique fusion of house, techno and disco soul can pump up the groove in any setting. You can always feel the intensity and passion for music when you’re in the same room as this man, for his love of having a good time is infectious.

When he zones in and melds into the mix, a certain gravity takes over, and before you know it you are transported, with a smile on your face to boot.

We’re not sure if there’s anything more important in the world than the pursuit of happiness and the sharing thereof with Sonny Chiba… You could say he’s on a relentless pursuit when it comes to ensuring you have a good time. And, much like his bad-ass, japanese martial arts movie-god namesake, Sonny Chiba plays with no mercy, and we guarantee he will leave you wanting more. (subtitles not included)