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Snail Wizard Treasures – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 Workshops

Snail Wizard Treasures

I am a full time silver smith, wire worker and jewelry artist. I have been creating jewelry since late 2014 and have been running my own artistic business for over two years.

I love bringing people together, my least favorite part about being in the studio working on my art is that there is a lack of collaboration and community. My goal is to share my
knowledge with those who may be seeking further inspiration or truly want to learn more about the art form, I spend my summers vending and hosting workshops at many of the festivals in our BC and Alberta circuit.

This workshop offers an opportunity to participate in an inclusive, creative and collaborative experience through creating art. We start the workshop with simple fun exercises that allow cohesion, openness and collaboration within the group. Each person will be able to pick a free gemstone they would enjoy to wrap, materials and tools will also be provided. Afterwards Damian takes the group through step by step processes in which allow every one to create a completed piece to take home. Damian spends quality one on one time with every one in the group more then once during the workshop. Damian also has an apprentice assisting him with offering information to others as well. this workshop takes anywhere between 2-3 hours, many will finish earlier and slowly leave the workshop. Many stay and continue to craft with others around them.