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Son to a Jazz musician and a Motown fanatic, and brother to a large group of siblings, each guiding him from birth to appreciate all the various forms of soulful music.

Jumping on a pair of turntables before he was 10, with Jungle music just emerging, Saxxon was mixing up the sound where ever and when ever he could get his hands on the 1210’s – Jungle/Drum & Bass has been his love ever since.

His sets feature a balanced mix of upfront forward-looking heavy party vibes music, his style of liquid energy vibes & unique dubplate remixes of well-known jungle/dnb classics, and the freshest “straight-from-the-studio” original music than no other DJ can lay their hands on.

With releases lined up in 2016 on Spearhead/ V/ Critical/ Soul Trader/ Liondub/ Ruffneck Ting & Natty Dub & more TBA