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RMS – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 DJ Lineup


Paul Currie aka RMS was born and currently residing in Barrie , Ontario, Canada. He was first introduced to jungle/dnb back in 1998. From that day on he spent his time practicing and honing his skills on the turntables. It wasnt until around 2010 when he started experimenting with the production side of things. After many sleepless nights in the studio in 2014 RMS landed his first release on Dj SS label “Formation Records”. Fast forward 3 years label he now has releases with Tech Itch Recordings, Formation Records, Liondub Intl, Deep in the Jungle, Audio addict, 36hz, Hocus Pocus Uk, Liquid Drops, Inner City Dance, Dutty Bass Audio, Ghetto Dub, Intaface Audio, Holotype Audio.

2017 has been proving to be a good year for RMS with many releases hitting the top 10 on Juno download and top 100 on beatport and receiving lot’s of support and love from many of the scene top rated producers and djs. He was also nominated for Breakthrough producer of the year, Best track of the year, Breakthrough dj of of the year at the we love jungle awards

RMS also runs Dubsoul Recordings out of Canada, a label that specializes in the jungle side of things and promoting new and established producers with the same taste for music. Keep an eye on this label in 2018 as they are locked and loaded with a release schedule that even the grumpiest junglists would be happy about.

Currently receiving Uk support from Ray Keith, Doc Scott, Aries, Jungle Citizens, Dj Hybrid, Nicky B, Bassface Sascha, Dawn Raid, Kenny Ken, DJ Storm, Gremlinz, Vinyl Junkie, J Bostron, David Boomah, Dj Choppah, Dj Trace, Brian Brainstorm, and more …