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Paradigm Theorem – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 DJ Lineup

Paradigm Theorem

Paradigm Theorem: A model of how it’s done.

By definition a template for everything, Paradigm Theorem redefines the future of electronic music. Ever evolving to exceed his perpetually rising expectations of sound quality and originality, there is nowhere on Earth where you may hear its like. A product of bioengineering and a fusion of synthetic and organic construction, Paradigm Theorem resides on this planet temporarily to fulfill his curiosity of the melodies and harmonies that compose what humans call ‘music’. The limitless possibilities of this open ended art form has drawn him to the Virgo Supercluster in order to challenge and weave these threads. The result is a tapestry woven from monstrous glitched out basslines, robo-psychedelic leads, synthetically upgraded vocals, drums and sound effects hailing from creatures all around the universe, real and imagined.

Obliterating the limitations of any dance floor as he ignores the trivial notions of bpm and repetitive timing, the journey is a wondrous thing to behold. This very crucial part of an artistic performance is not lost to the past, but honed in the future through a wide array of emotion capturing melodies, powerful bass leads and psychedelic tones. One massive flow of epic drops may break into a overwhelming wave of warm positive energy, exploring deeper emotions before building that energy back up in preparation for a fall into a twisted new direction of party intensity.

Your future is now.