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Papa A-Side and Benny B-Side – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 DJ Lineup

Papa A-Side and Benny B-Side

Papa A-Side
Papa started collecting music more than 48 years ago, spending his paper route money on 45s and the odd LP. A consummate selector from day one, Papa always sat beside the turntable when chillin’ with his teenage buddies, and before long was playing parties and clubs in the region. Across the years Papa A-Side evolved through a multitude of trends and styles – spinning everything from disco and punk to house and trance in seedy bars, remote community halls and dusty desert stages across the west.
Back in the ‘70s Papa developed a taste for reggae, ska, and dub (then later jungle and drum ‘n bass) that haunts him and permeates his sets to this day.

Benny B-Side (@bennybside)
B-Side literally cut teeth and developed eclectic tastes while listening to his Papa’s record collection—later turning the tables to bring his own unique style to the fore. While Benny’s passions include Drum & Bass, Jungle, Bass Music and Hip Hop, his evolving tastes embrace a myriad of diverse styles provide an element of surprise and delight to his sets. Well known in Shambhala circles, B-Side is one half of the Spiral Architects, hosts of the Liquid Sunrise Jam on the Village Stage. Whether solo or partnered, Benny B-Side brings his infectious energy to every set.
A few years back, B-Side asked Papa A-Side to join him on the decks for a Saturday afternoon at Broken City and they’ve enjoyed sharing the decks ever since.