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Ninjette – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 DJ Lineup


Canadian born in Edmonton, Alberta and raised in the prairie city of Winnipeg, Ninjette is a heavy hitter in the Western Canadian bass music scene. She spent the last four years of her career in a city of rain forest, mountains and ocean; Vancouver, British Columbia. As a youth she spent most of her spare time studying classical music theory and training as a vocalist in several reputable choirs as well as solo festival vocal competitions. She has always put music first, even as a child.

As a teenager she discovered the electronic dance music scene and never looked back. Staying involved in most of the major EDM club nights throughout the city of Winnipeg over the course of several years, she used her drive and ambition to become a leader in the underground afterhours scene as an event promoter. Being surrounded by talented DJs and producers, and putting her classical music career on the side to accommodate her new found love for electronic music, the next step that only made sense was to get behind the decks and spin up a storm. Observing her local influences as well as international artists to develop her ninja skills, she launched her blossoming DJ career and spread her love of mixing and music across the country. Rocking out the electro, bassline and fidget house sounds.

In 2009 she found her new place in Western Canada and dove head first into the bass heavy drum genres and incorporating live vocals into her performances. She later developed and maintained a solid festival circuit, gracing stages such as SYNCfest, The Groove, Motion Notion, Believe Freedom Festival, Connect, Mad Hatter, Sexy Sounds and FAME and sharing stages with reputable artists including Aphrodite, Loadstar, Dirtyphonics, DJ Hype, Rene Lavice, Bare Noise, Ill Gates, Sticky Buds and many others. This Miss is a force to be reckoned with. She is presently the creative director and fearless leader of FAME Female Arts and Music Exhibition, responsible for booking the largest entirely female DJ and performer line up that Canada has ever seen. The feature documentary “Girl DJ” will be filmed during spring/summer 2013 and will feature the FAME festival as well as Ninjette alongside AppleCat, Kytami and an array of other Western Canadian female artists. “Girl DJ” will air in Summer 2014.

Although the Canadian scene has been full of opportunity for her, let that not be the end all be all. February 2012 began her Central American tour, offering further exposure all across Costa Rica and Panama. Kicking off the summer season with a bang, DnB Girls of Canada presented the 2012 Bass Belle Western Canada tour featuring Ninjette, Crystal Fresh, Jams, Mittz and Isis Graham.

Stay tuned for Ninjette in a city or music festival near you. Behind the decks her passion and energy inspires the dancer that lurks within us all with the grimiest high energy beats guaranteed to burn a hole in your shoes.