2016 Lineup

Moe Beaslee

Traumatizing ravers since 98 Moe Beaslee is a prominent figurehead in Calgary’s underground drum and bass scene. Multi faceted talents from interesting partnerships and also strong solo work has made the name Beaslee stand strong for years for all old grimey heads and young fresh minds to corrupt and twist. The turntables are his tools to lead the young impressionable to a path of destruction, chaos and grime. Dedication to oldschool and hip hop sounds make for a drum and bass experience sure to knock the socks off your “headliner”. CJSW knows the name and if you’ve heard of legendary community centre parties or mysterious stages in the mountains, you can be sure that Moe Beaslee and entourage of scary looking serious dudes, all dressed in black, have hijacked your master audio and there is no chance for escape! Suckas are left in awe when laying witness to back and forth tag teaming, battle drum and bassing, back and forth sick styling most never have a chance to witness.

When Beaslee is not severing and clobbering heads off junk dj styles he enjoys collaboration projects of all sorts of magnitude all for our greater good. CNN and reporters line up and wait weeks for the legend to drop strange gangster face melting sounds. A pandemic of grotesque faces reported when untrained victims, not babysat constantly during the insanity bass onslaught. Other notable charity works include keeping neighborhood cats constantly supplied with freshest exotic catnips and inventing Gagnam style. A good example to follow for any artist that takes pride in his work and constantly reshaping the way we see festival and drum and bass subculture. Bring your ‘A’ game bassface and facepalm gloves for cry babies who get in the way.