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Miss Hazard


Miss Hazard’s story stretches from the cobbled streets of Istanbul to the halls of The Royal Conservatory. Although she’s only been DJing for a few years, the journey that led her to the needles of her Tech 12′s has been decades in the making. Before she even touched the records, Miss Hazard was already a highly decorated musician.

Miss Hazard spent her youth studying classical piano. It was here that she learned the fundamentals of composition, music production, and performance. At age 13 she was named music student of the year and eventually ascended to the highest level within the Conservatory, teaching and performing over the next decade.
While her youth was mainly occupied by the piercing melodies of Tchaikovsky and Haydn, Miss Hazard was equally captivated by the left-field electronic music of Enigma and Massive Attack. Their mixture of electronic sounds with seemingly disparate elements like the Gregorian chant or string orchestration mirrored the complexities often found in classical piano, something that drove Hazard to dig deeper into the world of electronic music.

It wasn’t until she began frequenting a small club in Istanbul called NOVO that she was inspired to start mixing. After a lifetime surrounded by the musically immortalized souls of classical luminaries, her ability to fuse keys and melodies on the decks came naturally. Shortly after returning to Canada she began frequently performing live at Calgary’s legendary Habitat Living Sound, and has since joined the rosters of local legends the BassBus and GirlsOnDecks.

Miss Hazard is currently working on her first original electronic productions. With her peers describing her as “deep,” “dark,” and “seductive,” one can only imagine what Miss Hazard’s blend of musical exploration and virtuosity will produce.