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Michael B Lacey – FozzyFest 2018!


Michael B Lacey

Lacey post

DeepEnd/Sleazy Listening / Zen lounge

Having played a long time with lots of good people…..Lacey started his music career at the age of 11 when he first picked up a guitar, with his first influences of southern rock bands, folk and jam bands, in high school he was a member of an organization called the black hole which involved many different types of artists sharing their craft with each other.

First it was garages and house parties that he played and it soon migrated to the clubs and bars in Banff/Canmore Alberta. First starting a residency and promoting shows at Zona’s bistro which turned into a 11 year residency where he brought in acts from all across Canada sustaining the electronic scene in the town. Seeing how it was not an easy road back then to just pop out and become a dj, lacey had to pave his own road and get recognition the old fashion way…throw the party. As a result of this he has been fortunate enough to play alongside such acts as: Jonathan David Paech Andy Caldwell, Kaskade, Jason Hodges,James Teej, Loopity goofs, Bad boy Bill, Luke Mckeehan, Jon delerious, Matt b, Freddy J, Kenny Glasgow, Matt C, dj Diamond, Vicious Vic, lil miss booty, Deko-ze, Rob Solo, Lori the HI-FI , Jay Hamilton, Dr. j, Mat b, Robbie c, Arlen, Mark Davis, Brad Copeland, Freaky Flow, Pete Wilde, Czech,Tim Patrick, Big Leauge chu, Vinyl Fixx, Cary Chang, Jason Klos, Wakket, and many more to come.