2017 Bands


LYRIQUE (Lyric) got his start in music threw writing poetry at age 14, playing bass at the age of 15. by the time he turned 18 he was trying to find his place by turning his poems into Hip Hop songs.  His first time to hit the stage was just before his 20th birth day in a group called SKY DIVE ACADEMY a live jazz hip hop band back in his home of the Philippines.  Since being in Calgary, he has been hitting open mics like Elevated Ettiqutte and the inaugural VIB’N OUT. As well as a performing in 10 at 10 which is somewhat considered to be a premier hip hop stage in the Calgary music scene. This artists has also broken through different genre scopes in this city of Calgary by performing in music platforms such as SOFAR SOUNDS, not to mention being a musical guest in some artistic productions in the city of Calgary.  Lyrique has also released 3 EP’s in the last 6 months not to mention a music video for his single “ESCAPE” which is continuously receiving traction on Youtube.  He is currently set to release his 4th EP and working on a full length album which is set to release in the very near future.
Instagram: @Lyrique403