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Lotus Queen – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 DJ Lineup

Lotus Queen

Lotus Queen began volunteering at CJSW radio and attended her first rave in 1996. Inspired by what she saw, and already influenced by ska music via the all ages punk scene, she began to delve into the culture of DJing and electronic music, particularly the sounds of drum and bass that were emerging from the U.K. and Toronto. Now, two decades later, she has risen to become the voice of Remote Emissions, one of Canada’s longest running electronic music institutions. Since the show’s start in 1997, drum and bass has evolved from a faint rumbling in Calgarys underground to being a mainstay of the city’s musical landscape. Lotus Queen has had the pleasure of opening for some of DNB’s finest, including DJ Rap, A-Sides, Commix, Aphrodite, Tester & Rcola, Bladerunner, and Teddy Killerz. Lotus Queen is more than just a DJ or a radio personality, some might say she is the heartbeat of the Calgary’s D&B Radio scene.

Her signature mix of bloody street beats, dance floor bangers and sleek late night classics are just a few of the additives thrown in on the regular but this rude gal never fails to keep things current by selecting some of the freshest dubs and casually laying them down next to rugged anthems for the heads. Dropping them heavy enough to rattle the floor or nice enough to chill to in the back corner of the room, Lotus Queen’s carefully crafted, yet often spontaneous mixes are savored by an assortment of bass connoisseurs and newcomers alike.
Lotus Queen currently represents CJSW 90.9FM, DNB Girls & Girls On Decks and Tigerstyle Saturdays.