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Lefy – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 DJ Lineup


Lefy’s been Dj-ing since his College radio days and back then it was all vinyl. He’s built a strong dance community in and around Invermere, hosting a multitude of amazing events like Bass Camp, Lefy-Fest and some epic nights at Bud’s Boogie Parlor. He has gained some valuable experience from playing the Rock Pit for 2 years and The Time of Your Life Dom…e @ Burning Man. He’s opened for favorites such as A-Skills, Krafty Kuts, Freestylers, Czech, Ed Solo, Mat the Alien, Small Town Djs, Meow Mix and Hoola to name a few.

Lefy likes to S p r e a d L o v e V i b r a t i o n s with amped up, bass heavy, really good music. He thinks about and visualizes “Love Energy” coming out of his hands and into the mixers’ many magnetic fields. That’s where it piggy backs on the music, goes to the bass bins and ultimately to the crowd like a love shock wave! Some fans say they feel it, so why not?
From house parties to big festivals, Lefy’s zest for life, positive energy and well-intentioned dance sets are sure to get your Booty Shakin’ on the dance floor!