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Kryptos Rock – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 DJ Lineup

Kryptos Rock

“Thick bass house with a funky boogie”
Since a time in space, likely 2010, Kryptos Rock has been bringing monstrous bass to a number of festivals and clubs across Alberta and BC. Also building and managing stages at FozzyFest and Motion Notion, the sounds he embodies are as connected to the masses as the elements are to the earth. Rolling punches of sexy Bass House flattening trees and cutting laser beams. He’s guaranteed to soothe and move, with nothing slowing down this good time groove.

Refining his tastes as a DJ of over eight years has been a journey onto its own. Drawing from his early love of 90s punk rock and hip hop acts, leading him to later electronics artists like Krafty Kuts, Tommy Largo, and Stanton Warriors. He now finds himself spending hours and days digging for each set through the backwaters of the internet, looking for tunes in all the strange places. Occasionally releasing video-over-track mixes made via Serato’s integrated video plugin, as well as producing original and remixed tracks, he’s constantly looking for samples, techniques and the latest sounds to bring to his live DJ performance.

Over the years Kryptos has been a member of groups with residencies such as Sound Advice, Bass Bed, Audio Empire and Elite Events. He has opened for the likes of Marten Hørger, Stickybuds, and All Good Funk Alliance in clubs while performing his skill at numerous large festivals and venues, including CJSW 90.9fm.