2017 DJ Lineup


New Zealand master of intergalactic funk, K+LAB, has been hard at work, rocking dance floors and bringing the heat to the ears of the masses since he first burst onto the scene with his debut album “Spacedirt” in 2013. An ever-expanding galaxy of FUNK, K+Lab’s sound is always absorbing and incorporating a seemingly endless array of influences and vibes – the head-nod aesthetic of hip-hop, the futuristic techniques of Glitch-hop and the fury of drum n’ bass – all tied together by orbital pull of his love for all things funky. Unlike anything else occupying the sonic landscape today, his music Armed with his signature keytar, K+Lab has been touring relentlessly for years, conquering dancefloors across Canada, Australia and his native New Zealand.

2016 brought release of his stellar full-length album, The Worldy’s (Released on Gramatik’s Lowtemp label), and a slew of singles including “Clap Ya Hands Now,” a collaboration with fellow funkmeister Stickybuds, that held the #1 spot on the Beatport charts for months. The momentum from these releases powered the thrusters and set the Captain K+Lab off into orbit on a long headline tour in support of The Worldy’s album. His incredible, tight live performances have also garnered high profile slots at some of the world’s most lauded dance festivals like Shambhala Music Festival, Breakfest, Motion Notion, Rainbow Serpent, Northern Bass and Earth Frequency. 2017 not only has him continuing to build his foundation with familiar audiences, but widening his scope, hitting more dancefloors than ever and moving into South America and the United States with his debut appearance at the world-renowned Oregon Eclipse Festival. Keep your eyes open and ears ready for K+Lab, a sonic supernova burning bright in an infinite galaxy of sounds