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Kismet was born in the basements, of ces, house parties and mountain festivals of Calgary and the Rocky Mountains. In those thriving beds of cutting edge artistic expression, the old school of DJing and turntablism was the key, the foundation upon which the music was built. Early in uences from hardcore and gabber shows blended together with deep wax cuts of old school hip hop MCs crushing rhymes on relentless drum’n’bass beats.

As that sound blossomed for Kismet, a.k.a. Stirling Donnelly, Calgary’s drum’n’bass and jungle scene embraced him. In 2011, he broke onto the scene with 403DNB, a edgling crew of junglists destined to push that skittering, signature sound as far into the Western Canadian underground dance scene as it could.

With 403DNB, Kismet shared stages with some of the sound’s nest – Spectrasoul, Hybrid Minds, Logistics, Lenzmen and Dub Phizix helped shape his sound.

Motion Notion, Fozzy Fest and Calgary Electronic Music Festival took that sound further into the scene, until in 2015 Kismet took the coveted title spot at the Dirty Tones Entertainment DJ Competition.

As 2016 rolls in, the jazz- ecked liquid tones nd balance with sparse and minimal soundscapes, and the techy future bass sounds meet the roots and traditions of drum’n’bass. Between his solo sets and his tag team work as one half of Carbon Copy, Kismet will nd every opportunity to keep dance oors thriving from Calgary to wherever his road may take him.