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KERZ.XXV – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 Art Team


Tiziano Lombardo is a full-time artist born in Rome, Italy. His passion for art allows him to grow his style each year as he evolves visually and technically. To him, murals are one of the finest ways to beautify a “concrete city”, it transforms a visually meaningless space into something special that the public can appreciate. Tiziano’s techniques are a mix of spray painting and brush painting with different layers working together to achieve a diverse and unique effect. His designs and ideas are inspired by mixing symbolism with abstract patterns to produce a stunning composition. Not only visually beautiful, his style evokes dialogue and allows viewers to draw their own unique interpretations. The message behind his art Is a representation of the connection between all the living things of this planet, we are all part of a beautiful energy and shared experience.