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Kazz Emi – FozzyFest 2018!


Kazz Emi

Talent Logistics and Website Coordinator

At the first FozzyFest at Lake Koocanusa Kazz had an epiphany. Already booked to dance for FozzyFest 2013, her calling dawned on her when the cry for help came out during the #YYCflood2013. Everything was a panic; last minute site change, volunteers backing out and rides for the talent were in a state of chaos. Bryson, a long time friend of Kazz, asked her to pick up a couple from the airport and take them to the site. “Of course!” The rest is pretty much history. Nailed it, and was asked to be a part of the FFOC.

Now she wants to always be involved with the production, hospitality and organizing of any event, but FozzyFest will always have the special place in her heart.