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Kali Yuga


A natural flailer behind the decks in the performance aspect, and a close friend to the world of electronic music, Kali Yuga (Kali Yesalusky) brings together styles from far and wide.

Hailing from Bethlehem, PA., and being raised by the influences of classic rock and blues, Kali Yuga is no stranger to the world of music. Having a natural ear for music and teaching herself to play the guitar at the age of eight years old, learning the decks was a natural transition. After being snagged by Calgary’s own Bass Bed, many opportunities soon followed, including various opportunities with other local promotion groups, and an interview with DJmag.ca. Recently, she has shared shows with SkiiTour and Slynk, as well as opening for JPOD in Calgary. Taking part in the formation of The Genesa Series, Kali has had a hand in adding a unique flair to the Calgary electronic music scene, helping in hosting a variety of shows and other events.

As a part of the Genesa Project, Kali and her groom-to-be (Tanner Berry) have been making great strides within the Calgary electronic scene, bringing together styles and ideas from far ends of the musical spectrum. Their first event was held in 2011; a small, intimate venue with a modest turnout. Since then, the Genesa Series as a name has grown into something unimaginable to its founders. With a loyal following, Kali and Tanner continue to shine with great humility and thankfulness for every opportunity that has been presented thus far.