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Jodie B w/ Nique Blue – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 Bands

Jodie B w/ Nique Blue

I perform as a live looping multi-instrumentalist originally out of Calgary, AB. I either produce my drum loops in Ableton and then perform them through a series of triggers, or I produce everything live on the spot, sound by sound. My original music is difficult to categorize however I seem to be mainly influenced by blues, indie, and electronic music. My father started my sister and I busking on the streets of Calgary at age 3. The money that we made every weekend from 8-5 would go towards instruments and lessons. My passion follows the fact that music is a universal language and no matter where you’re from or what the colour of your skin is, everyone will gather under the same rhythm that fills our soul. I am inspired by how music is constantly evolving while still holding onto its roots, and in my performance I try and convey the same message with live instruments and an electronic feel, pulling the energy from the crowd in by singing through the souls of my feet. I always seem to perform without shoes on to feel more connected!