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Ji Hong Wushu – Taichi Workshop – FozzyFest 2018!

2013 Workshops

Ji Hong Wushu – Taichi Workshop

Introductory Taichi Workshop by the Ji Hong Tai Chi College.

The Ji Hong Tai Chi College was founded in Edmonton, Alberta in 1989 by Masters Hong Yuan Luo and Jennifer Gu. Both Masters specialized in Wushu (Chinese martial arts) at the University of Guangzhou and were instructors and lecturers at the South China Normal University. In addition to many articles and an earlier publication on Tai Chi theory, Master Luo and Master Gu published a book under the title “The Ji Hong Tai Chi System, Evolution of Theory, Methodology and Applications”.

The “Ji Hong Tai Chi System” is a contemporary, versatile and scientific training method for teaching a traditional health/exercise and martial art system. Students who practice Tai Chi using our method benefit from better health, balance, core strength and mind/body harmony, which not only helps them deal with stress but also provides the foundation for high performance in day-to-day activities. At the competitive level, Ji Hong students have been impressively demonstrating the success of this training system over the past 20 years, even winning championships on both the national and international stages.