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Hertz Donut – FozzyFest 2018!

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Hertz Donut

hertz donut

Hertz Donut is a combination of a scoop of Apatchi Sound (Mitch Mckinnon) and a few tablespoons of CrashCourse (Tim Lange) mixed together in a large bowl, and stuck in the oven in March of 2014. Both raised out of the BC mountains, and now residing on Vancouver Island, these two confectionary Producer/DJ’s spend most of their time writing music in their studio when not performing gigs. Limits are not something these two notice, while defining boundaries in their compositions and having their music sweep the internet by storm, they keep a very busy performance schedule. Keep your eye on this duo, as they continue to deliver sweet beats, and melody treats, while glazing the world in delicious sugary bass.