2016 Lineup

HanniBill SeLecter w/ MC Timbo

Billy Profile

18 years of being submersed in a culture that defines an artist by the particular sound they express themselves with, HanniBill and Timbo have done just that. In 1998 after attending Syrous 6yr, a million sq ft venue. After seeing Dj Hype and Mc GQ as the headliners for the Jungle-Drum n Bass stage, HanniBill and Timbo found that their passion for DnB had to be taken to another level. Watching the happy ravers in attendance, dancing their troubles away to the sound of heavy pulsating basslines with the lyrical content provided by a top class and well notable emcee was enough to inspire HanniBill and Timbo on a journey of sound with no determining when and if it will stop, and it hasnt.

With their first opportunity to perform at Fozzy Fest, HanniBill n Timbo are determined to leave an imprint in the minds that gather to enjoy their performance. HanniBill is an aggressive Dj that that has been dubbed the Hurricane on tippy toes due to his high energy performances and his approach to attacking tracks. That paired with a very talented and well respected, Mc Timbo, who has an impressive flow and is also very well articulated will once again leave the crowd grasping for more.