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Haakonsen – FozzyFest 2018!

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Haakonsen has become a name synonymous with forward thinking party music. Always taking a sideways approach to delivering dance floor mayhem, Haak’s production, performance and enthusiasm is nothing short but infectious. Since Haak’s first strut on the scene in 2002, he’s been on a focused mission to share and inspire people with his love for underground electronic music. His genuine passion for making people dance, coupled with his intrinsic creative nature has allowed Haakonsen to thrive as a DJ in his home town and on international stages. Alongside his frequent club appearances throughout Western Canada, Haak’s now a regular act at many major music festivals such as FozzyFest, Connect and Burning Man.

Growing up in the 90’s rave scene, Haakonsen has gained inspiration from the many flavors offered by genres of that time. His sophisticated approach to bass and melody provides a plethora of soundscapes; blending deep and sexy house vibes with rugged and edgier energies from genres such as garage and UK-Bass. Haak’s music both captivates mind and emotion, as well as fuels dance-floors at even the sweatiest rave-gatherings.

Haakonsen has celebrated the success of 2 official EP releases, 4 official’s remixes and countless bootlegs that have seen radio play around the globe. Haak’s music has made it to top 10 in the charts both at Beatport and on Satellite radio, and has seen four of his original tracks ‘featured’ on Beatport.

Undoubtedly Haakonsen has already made his mark in clubs and parties coast to coast, and continues to spread his love and passion for music through his energetic DJ sets and his forward-thinking music production.

Mash / Alkatraz/ Atomic Zoo / Don’t Look / Calgary Bass Junkies / Straight Up!