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Freak Motif – FozzyFest 2018!


Freak Motif

Groove. Funk. Space.

It’s all a part of the sonic trip that is Freak Motif, who’ve been winning over heads and hips in the scene for the better part of two years now with their superfly improvised fusion of everything from blues and afrobeat to reggae, rock, hip-hop, ska, soul, jazz and jam.
– Mike Bell, Calgary Herald, Dec 13, 2012

Freak Motif is a collective of musicians from Calgary, AB, that got together in the summer of 2009. Their first jam was a parade along Calgary’s 17th Ave one Wednesday night. People came running off of restaurant patios to party in Tomkins park til the police told everyone to go home.

That energy started the Wednesday night tradition: musicians from all sorts of backgrounds getting together to play original music, always from the soul, always improvised. Sometimes there were 35 people, sometimes there were 3. Sometimes it was just horns and drums, for a while there was a harp player, and once there was a bagpiper…

Gradually the Wednesday night jam became FREAK MOTIF, the band: an 8+ piece dance party featuring a full horn section, singers, rappers, breakdancers and graffiti artists. They’ve played over 80 shows together and toured across Alberta and BC, bringing the jam to the Calgary Improv Festival, Bermuda Shorts Day, house parties and street festivals.

Every show is different, with the audience inspiring the Freaks to create their unique hypnotic grooves live. Some of the band\’s musical influences are: the Meters, the Roots, Parliament/Funkadelic, Phish, Lee \’Scratch\’ Perry, and the Budos Band.

The Freaks have been lucky to tap into the the amazing Calgary arts community, collaborating with some awesome talented people including Dragon Fli Empire, Lady C, the Grim Reminder Crew, and Light & Soul Creations.

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