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Felonius Funk – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 DJ Lineup

Felonius Funk

Felonius Funk consist of two chaps. A hard working pair of DJ’s hailing from Calgary, Alberta, who’s roots lie in a wide range of dance music. DJ Jay Smylski provides the modern bangin electro tip, while DJ Segue (Geordy Carson) slips in the spine cracking funk injections. They cross styles with eachother throughout a set. Nobody knows clearly who’s style is playing (and sometimes nor do they). Hearing them live is like dancing to a seamless blend of hip-hop, disco, funk, various flavors of house, and have been known to dabble in d&b. Infectious beats are on the Felonius Funk menu. They just came to start the food fight. Since 2005, Smylski & Segue have carved a niche for themselves in southern Alberta. They played some of their first shows together working around the Calgary circuit. Somewhere along the way, they managed to stumble on to a small bush party called FozzyFest. After destroying the 100 or so party goers they were approached to assist in expanding on the party the following year. They’ve been involved with some of the concepts, technical operations, stage design, and music styles that have been featured at FozzyFest since 2006. They’ve assisted in featuring such performers as Jon Delerious (NordicTrax Records), Cary Chang (Feroshus, Habitat), Homebreakin’ Records (Cal Bass, Neighbour, GSD, Audit), Dan Solo (Modern Math, Shambhala Music Festival), Bryx (Shambhala Music Festival) Joel West (Nelson, BC), and Scientists Of Sound (Halifax, NS). FozzyFest has become an opportunity for Felonius Funk to not only perform at their favorite outdoor festival, it’s allowed them to share with other people a range of talent and party atmosphere that initially inspired them as DJ’s. 2012 is looking to get even brighter for these two as they are set to push FozzyFest 2012 to yet another level of intensity. In the next year, watch for remixes, originals, and a new formed alliance with another set of dangerously funky twin DJ’s, Scetch’n’Affex.

Pro as Fuck!