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Fat Elvis – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 Bands

Fat Elvis

With years of experience writing, playing live and an album under their belt as half of Calgary based progressive metal band Subsume. Jackson Gillatt and James Wise formed Fat Elvis in 2015.

Live, Jackson handles the electronic elements, percussion and bass guitar, while James plays a full drum kit and hand percussion. Influenced by a wide array of electronic and rock music Fat Elvis blends the showmanship and raw feel of a live band while remaining true to the flow of a DJ set. This unique approach has given them the opportunity to open up for the likes of Mr. Bill, Moontricks, Pigeon Hole and Kytami; and play music festivals including FozzyFest and Motion Notion.

Production wise Fat Elvis’s sound is melodic, psychedelic and heavy gathering influences from all around the electronic music spectrum.