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Earth Movement – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 Performers

Earth Movement

Standing in the light of day, with weapons of elemental divinity, five entrancing Goddesses emerge…An Earth nymph Loki, founder of this energetic field, reverberates with the drum of planetary wisdom. Dancing with vitality at the shores a Water siren Wolf Flow springs forth cleansing the essence of life surrounding her. At our centre the Spirit of Lady Hawk swirls magnetically drawing all to her and elevating each soul with primal promise. Passion ignites the Fire Pixie Ursa Minor into being, she activates inner warmth and shimmers light with ethereal purity. A resonating howl announces Flowmance the Air Spirit who inspires fresh movement with a flying imagination. This natural gathering will magically enliven the atmosphere, weaving the mythic into reality for all to expose their true form in this Earth Movement.

We incorporate Fire & Smoke Dance, LED Hoop, Aerial Lyra & Sling with contemporary dance modalities to ensure a visually stunning spectacle for all in our audience!