2016 Lineup

D’Lazy Llama

Whether you choose to believe it or not, D’Lazy Llama descended upon us mere mortals from high in the Peruvian Andes. There, his tall and fuzzy people taught him the ancient art of partyrocking, and he’s been playing dope records ever since.
Actually, he’s been playing records since your diapers got wet watching Tiny Toons, so let me tell you, the Llama’s seen a couple dance floors come and go. Here’s how real D’Lazy Llama’s DJ chops are: he crushed Barbie Girl on a St. John’s, Newfoundland dance floor on a 12’” vinyl single.
Seriously though, while the Llama’s sounds on the daily in 2016 stray into the deep, bouncy, and techy side of dance, know that when he brings the noise to your local D-floor, he brings a fine pedigree of the broadest spectrum of party music possible. Twenty years spinning wax to Atlantic Canada’s finest drunks and divas meant every pathway to party was revealed to the Llama. AC\DC? Check. Old school techno? Sure! Funky, ass busting house? Most definitely.
D’Lazy Llama knows your secrets. He knows your soul desperately craves those old school anthems. He knows you want them rinsed fresh and round and full. Nothing gets the Llama’s heart pumping like a crew on the floor, feeling the vibe and letting loose. The real magic, that smile and that connection across the dance floor to friends and strangers alike – that’s what the Llama wants you to feel.
Whether it’s lakeside at Fozzy Fest, riding high in the desert at Black Rock City, rolling around in the warm, dewy grass at Freezer Burn or just hangin’ at the club down at Habitat Living Sound, the Llama will see you.
And you will hear him. And you will like it.