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DJ Dublic – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 DJ Lineup

DJ Dublic

Dublic began listening to the sounds of the underground in 1994, going to parties all over the greater Toronto area experiencing all genres that the scene had to offer. He eventually got into messing around on turntables mixing house andtechno in 96. While continuing to frequent parties he embraced all the sounds of the “”rave culture””. By the end of 96 Dublic found himself experiencing the sounds of Jungle/ Drum and Bass to the fullest, which eventually led to him taking to thedecks exclusively with Jungle/DNB. By the end of 96 Dublic was submerged in the sound and culture of the Jungle/Drum and Bass scene, he started getting demosout to promoters of the parties he was attending, eventually landing him his first gig in summer of 1999.
Over 18 years later he continues to play Jungle/DNB and Reggae/Dance Hall. Dublic has celebrated some of his greatest achievements in the past year. In 2017, Dublic hit the one year mark with his weekly show on Dream FM, where he has built a loyal following, he has stood on the Village Stage
at Shambhala Music Festival and gave the people a taste of his newest produced tunes, and began exciting new partnerships by being signed to KLP Records, Deep In The Jungle Records and Audio Addict.
With many projects on the go Dublic is a Dj/Producer to keep a watch for in 2018!