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Dgtl Envy – FozzyFest 2018!

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Dgtl Envy

Dgtl envy

Originally from Toronto, Ontario, Conor Gaffney, developed a passion for music at a very young age. Being from the larg-
est city in the nation, his influences ranged across a large spectrum of genres. Conor never learned composition theory or took classes in school, but he felt a strong connection with music, and always kept it close to him through the years to come. Taught and mentored by a close friend, Conor found an outlet for his passion for music – audio production and performance of electronic music.

Conor Gaffney has graduated in the Audio Engineering program at Pacific Audio Visual Institute in Vancouver January 2012 – 2013 with a degree in Audio Engineering | Music Production | Sound Design | Recording Arts. During his year of study at PAVI, he was the operations manager of the School of Remix a similar private post secondary educational facility. His responsibilities included financial management, setting budgets, negotiating contracts with suppliers, financial reporting, fundraising and making best use of the school’s resources. Management of support staff, such as teaching assistants, Human resources, including overseeing staff training strategic planning, including meeting long-term education challenges and developments. Relationship management with other schools and external partners. Instruction and course development of audio production programs, recording arts and digital DJ software. He has since signed with a major Canadian label – True Spin Records as an official artist, and has become a resident performer at Habitat Living Sound in Calgary. He has been operations head a very successful monthly residency for over a year called Secret Society. The concept of the night was to give experienced and aspiring artists alike a platform to be able to express there passions. “ I feel an obligation to provide an opportunity for artists within the city to become part of this incredible community. My goal is to make this wonderful evolution of music production a huge success in our country or internationally in whatever capacity I can support”. His leadership qualities with in the collective are incredibly important to the growth of the community and culture. Conor’s endeavors have been very beneficial to the business, as his greatest strength is dealing with the public.

In late 2014 he relocated to Kelowna, British Columbia where he is currently the Talent Purchaser | Social Media Director | Resident DJ at Habitat Social Club he has been the operations head of a successful weekly residency for over a year called Formosa. In early 2015 he has accepted the position of assistant stage director of The Beach Stage at famous Fozzy Fest Music and Arts Festival located south of Fernie British Columbia at Lake Koocanusa, which he has performed and promoted at for the past three consecutive years.

Conor’s most recent venture is launching a private post secondary educational facility focused on Music Production | DJ Instruction | Sound Design | Recording Arts – Digital Envy Studios. The top priority is to support the creative process and give you the knowledge you need to develop as a musician and artist. Small classes allow our instructors to work closely with each student and give them the guidance they need to further their personal artistic growth. The wide range of music production and DJ programs are offered throughout the year, with flexible class scheduling. Finding the right option to suit you is easy no matter what your level of experience and | or time constraints may be. Our focus is to identify the long | short term goals of the client and customize pertinent curriculum to achieve the artists educational desires. Attending DES will zero in on your aspirations and design a way of learning around your personality. Everyone has a unique way of learning – we are committed to finding it.

2015 is set to an amazing year for DGTL ENVY.

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