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Cosmic Poetry – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 Workshops

Cosmic Poetry

Come on a voyage of imagination through guided meditation and mind-expanding games to create your own lyrical masterpiece, it’s fun & easier than you think!

This workshop begins with stretching and vocal exercises to centre our energy and focus our Chi. Next, humans in the workshop will be taken on a guided meditation, beginning at the Root and moving up through each one of the Chakras and beyond the Crown, out into the Cosmos. After a mind-expanding voyage beyond our bodies and into the Galaxy, we return to Earth to describe what we have seen and learned through the ancient and timeless art of Poetry. Now the connections begin to form energetically as we create, express and share with one another through an easy, structured and supported series of Creativity exercises with Words. Embrace the Power of words and enjoy the rush of naturally-produced Oxytocin and Serotonin as the process of human connection and creative self expression alters our brain chemistry in a healthy and fun way! Workshop participants will each have their own Poem to take home and share with others in the Future.

Facilitated by Rebecca Dawn