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Candice Archer – Sacred Bass Yoga – FozzyFest 2018!

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Candice Archer – Sacred Bass Yoga

A journey through yoga and sound. Sacred Bass is designed to stimulate the prana (energy) and vibrations within and throughout the body!

Join us for a morning of yoga, flow, breath & bass as we transform your body and mind with the traditional hatha sequence fused with vinyasas.

Flowing from one posture to the next we will create synergy and energy as a group and learn to flow thru with connection, vibration, movement, strength, ease and Prana!!

Candice Archer, accomplished level II instructor, will help guide you to experience presence in each moment.  Candice teaches with authenticity, breath awareness and energy through movement and yoga.

Candice found the joy of movement at a very young age, and has been dancing around with bliss ever since. She believes that through the fusion of breath, fearlessness, and yoga: the “sleeping self” can be awakened!

Working in simpatico your inner ear will be taken on a musical journey as Brooklyn Jane (G.O.D.) synchronizes your yoga practice with awakening ambient sounds well suited for meditation focus and flow.

This is a 60 minute practice and is open to anyone over the age of 12 years!  All Levels Welcome!