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Bass Panda


Those who have experienced the soundscape journey of Bass Panda know the energy that this techno-shaman brings to the festival tribe. Capable of packing whatever space he is invited to, this uplifting deejay charges the crowd with his impeccable song selection and inspiring artistic integrity.

Bass Panda’s passion for music started at a young age and grew into over a dozen years of formal music practice, including the piano, guitar, flute, and the saxophone – an instrument he has recently chosen to incorporate into his live performance. The mastery of his sound sense allows him to seamlessly blend multiple genres, personal edits, tempo changes, live performance, and uplifting classics to create an incredibly unique audience experience.

Dedicated to his career path of math teacher, Bass Panda has allowed his fan base and love of deejaying to grow organically. In addition to being a resident at Fozzyfest for three years now, this past year Bass Panda has exploded onto the scene, performing in Whitehorse and Lethbridge at music festivals, taking first place (and a guest slot) in the annual ElectroSexual (DI Radio) contest by MissDVS, and most recently, playing two sets at Motion Notion 2015, on both the main stage and at the Flociety renegade stage.

Bass Panda is sure to deliver a musical journey like no other, leaving the crowd energized and uplifted through his infectious excitement. When in the wild, we do it panda style!