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Bass Panda – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 DJ Lineup

Bass Panda

Those who have experienced the soundscape journey of Bass Panda know the energy that he brings to the festival tribe. Capable of packing whatever space he is invited to, this uplifting deejay charges the crowd with his impeccable song selection and inspiring artistic integrity. The mastery of his sound sense allows him to seamlessly blend live saxophone performance through multiple genres, personal edits and mashups, tempo changes, and uplifting classics to create an incredibly unique audience experience.

Bass Panda has established himself well in the community through a solid and supportive fan base who make a point of being at his shows, and has also become well-recognized online, with his Soundcloud mixes having reached 50,000 listens this year. 2017 was an incredible year on the festival circuit: 9 performances at 5 festivals, including Motion Notion, Reign Bough Fiddle, Sangha Festival of Medicine, FreezerBurn, and his 6th annual set at FozzyFest. Earlier highlights include opening for Far Too Loud, The Librarian, and LongWalkShortDock, and performing at an Astral Harvest pre-party.

2018 looks promising for Bass Panda as he continues to challenge himself artistically, releasing more edits and mashups online, incorporating his saxophone into additional genres, and seeking more performance opportunities.