2017 DJ Lineup

Barefoot Millionaires

Rich in real experience, broke in real life – so says the motto of two Albertans occupied with bringing funk and hip hop to every avenue. The duo, known as the Barefoot Millionaires, (Distinct & Freelikz) produce a fresh mix of your favourite sounds from the nineties with their own personal Ghetto Funk-esque flair. Although they have only been working together for the past year, their music has been featured on two labels and an aggressively filled production year has over twenty tracks on the upcoming list. Add that to over 25 years shared music experience between the two and you have some serious experience.

The two of them come equipped with a track selection, mix style and a production vibe designed to keep the party going into the night and straight on until morning. You never know exactly where you’ll end up – with funk, drum and bass, rock, mid-tempo, glitch, and house all genres expected and many other genres explored, it’s anyone’s guess.

Their music will make you dance, sing, and keep you moving with an unmatchable chemistry and an explosive energy.

Expect big things and big music for the upcoming year from two people who know that money isn’t the only way to be rich.