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Alpine Conspiracy – FozzyFest 2018!

2018 Bands

Alpine Conspiracy

Alpine Conspiracy; formed out of love and appreciation for original live music, initially in 2012, by best friends and favored musicians in the beautiful Kootenay Mountain region, of British Columbia.

The goal: to write, create, produce and perform original songs, with a positive message, that are clever & fun, that stand the test of time and most importantly, encourage dancing and good times.
The song writing process for Alpine Conspiracy is easy, fun and full of laughs. The secret to the bands addictive properties are heavily laden in the heart and passion of the band, as a collective of like minds.

Performances feature a good portion of live improvisation, within songs / returning to the song eventually, to bring it all back together – like it was meant to happen that way. Many audience members don’t realize until personally informed that there was an improvisation – which is the best compliment a musician can achieve. Individually influenced by every band from Black Sabbath, Michael Jackson, Earth Wind and Fire, Neil Young, Pearl Jam, Rush, Jamiroquai, James Brown, Kool and the Gang, Umphreys McGee, Kenny Rogers, The Police, Phish, Donna Summer, P-Funk, Yes, The Greatful Dead, EOTO, Iron Maiden, KC & the Sunshine Band to Maroon 5, multi genres of musical knowledge, collide to form creations unique, death defying at times, always fun and strangely familiar to the listener.