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ADOE – FozzyFest 2018!



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ADOE began his DJ career like many other people currently getting a kick out of playing music at nightclubs and parties around the city these days. It began as a healthy interest in a wide variety of music and a willingness to seek record outlets, digging through dusty bins of vinyl searching for anything interesting. This early crate-digging habit wasn’t necessarily undertaken to feed any burning desire to gain status and attention as a DJ, but rather, just searching for bits of music to round out his collection and to share with friends. His first exposure to a set of 1200’s and a mixer didn’t even come from some superstar international DJ, instead, it was with friends and late night mix sessions in basements and small dark afterhours clubs.

ADOE’s first legitimate DJ gig was playing downtempo chill music in the second room of a party that was headlined by the legendary Doc Martin from Los Angeles back when guys like that scarcely came through Alberta. ADOE went on to found a rave company, Emit Entertainment, with a few other people and began bringing in international DJs including: H-Foundation, Bombshelter DJs, and DJ Soulslinger with MC TC Izlam. In its short lifespan, Emit Entertainment played host to a diverse range of styles of music in a warehouse rave setting including House, Hip Hop, DNB, Techno, Trance, and Breaks.

ADOE really got hooked on the art of mixing music after starting to make regular trips to Toronto, which he later made his home, at which point his hobby of digging through crates of records hit a fever pitch at stores like Play De Record, SneakBeats, Rotate This, and BlackMarket Records. It was because of these resources that he developed a serious interest in all kinds of House and Techno music. It got easier to fill the gaps and make better and more cohesive mixes. Among ADOE’s greatest musical influences, during this stage of his development, were Derrick Carter, Larry Heard, Green Velvet, Stacey Pullen, and Carl Craig. Since those early days, the sheer number of musical influences and inspirations has grown exponentially.

For the last year, ADOE has been organizing and throwing parties around Calgary with friends under the name ADOE Presents. Sticking to a strictly House aesthetic, ADOE Presents has managed play host to a range of amazing house DJs and recording artists including Gene Farris, Tyler “T-Bone” Stadius, Chuck Daniels, JT Donaldson, Jason Hodges, Wally Callerio, Sean Dimitrie, and DJ Diz as well as some of the most exciting and talented local House DJs in Calgary. This coming year we should expect to see ADOE broadening out musically to explore a wider range of House Music including Deep House and Tech House, both in his DJ performances and in his bookings for ADOE Presents.

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