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Our Evolution – FozzyFest 2018!

Our Evolution

What is FozzyFest?

FozzyFest is a 3-day long, spectacular music and arts festival held in September, featuring both international & Canadian DJ’s, musicians and artists. Located in a pristine setting, nestled on a beautiful lake with an enormous yellow sand beach, surrounded by trees and mountains. We are blessed with one of the best music festival locations in Western Canada.

Your adventure takes you to Big Springs Campground in the Rocky Mountains, located on Lake Koocanusa. Here you’ll find two main stages, The Forest and The Beach (Shipwrecked), featuring soul-shattering sound systems and entertainment eighteen hours a day. For a more laid-back atmosphere, we have The Crystal Cave playing sweet beats on the sand, with our Chill Tent just around the corner for those who want to get some cuddles in, or if an hour to rest your legs and a mingle with a new friend is needed.

Friendly and local food, beverage and merchandise vendors are there to serve you. Workshops and other tantalizing events are also held to learn and participate with other like-minded humans. There is ample free camping available (why not sleep on the beach?), or rent a houseboat and dock on our shores for a truly unique festival experience. Alcohol (no glass please) is permitted (19+ event).

Seldom do we experience harmony in this fast-paced, competitive world. It’s that feeling you get when you know that you are free to express yourself. Everyone on the same wavelength, smiling, dancing, creating, living…at one with nature. FozzyFest is a community of extremely special people, all contributing to the pervasive good vibes. Harmony pulls us like gravity, like a head bop to a beat.

September 13-16, 2018
Big Springs Campground
Lake Koocanusa, BC

We have everything from…

deep house – tech house – electro – bass – nu disco – funk – trap – breakbeat – hip hop – reggae – dnb – dubstep – progressive – glitch – trance – trip hop – live acoustic guitar – rock – minimal – ambient – live drum circle – breakdancing crew – beatboxing


three stages – 2x 40,000+ watt sound systems (PK Sound) – chill tent – camping – dancing – sanctuary – harm reduction – vendors – porta potties – art – food vendors – clothing & retail vendors – workshops – beach – lake – sand – forest – house boating – good vibes – stars – love

…we pretty much have it all.

How did we become the festival we are today?

In the summer of 2005, our first year, 30 or so close friends went camping to celebrate the birthday of one Shawn Lafleur aka “Fozzy”. We rented some minor sound equipment to play some tunes while we were out in the bush. We had such a blast that we decided to do it again the next year and invite some more people. When sending out the emails we figured we had better come up with a name for the event. Shawn has always had the nickname “Fozzy” and since it was originally his birthday celebration, someone proposed “FozzyFest” and the name stuck!

The festival has grown organically every year since, primarily by word-of-mouth. Everyone at FozzyFest is a friend of a friend, making it so easy to meet new people because everyone you meet there is already close to someone you know! This also results in a very safe and mellow environment, in which we have not had a single major security or health issue in thirteen years.

The festival evolved over the years to include more stages, a chill tent and a third night of entertainment. But one thing has remained constant – our love of great music, good vibes, and beautiful community. We strive to offer our FozzyFanatics access to the best local up-and-coming talent as well as featuring your favorite acts from back in the day. The talent at FozzyFest keeps feet moving on the dance floor all night long.

As we have grown, we’ve moved FozzyFest three times into bigger and better settings. We’ve been in beautiful South Kananaskis, Alberta, on a river bank of crystal clear water, surrounded by mountains on all sides. The year of the great floods of 2013, our little festival that could, did! Against all odds, we found a new site last minute on beautiful Lake Koocanusa in British Columbia.

2017 was another challenging year for FozzyFest. Forest fires blanketed much of BC and Alberta in the summer of 2017 and Big Springs Campground was inaccessible at the festival’s scheduled date in September. Organizers scrambled to identify a suitable backup location to avoid canceling the event for the year.  The gracious hosts at Metis Crossing near Smoky Lake, Alberta accepted us with open arms and the entire festival was moved less than two weeks prior to the scheduled date. Thank you to all of our supporters that made the trip to the temporary location…we still had a blast due to the amazing group of individuals that organizes and attends FozzyFest. In 2018, we are returning to Big Springs Campground.

All of the organizers are volunteers! We cringe at having to charge guests for tickets, but putting on a great show does cost money. We see it as sharing the cost to put on a weekend of entertainment that is not soon forgotten. It’s about having a great time, spreading the love and partying under the stars…not about making money.

Welcome to our Collective Effervescence. Welcome to FozzyFest.