Hello magnificent ones. Well, we are now SOLD OUT of everything; tickets, RV passes and now car/truck passes. We will NOT be selling TICKETS or RV PASSES PASSES AT THE GATE due to capacity. If you are a current ticket holder and do not have a car/truck pass, we will sell you one at the gate.  Please CARPOOL! Join our carpooling group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/1733562483536762/

If you are a volunteer and do not have a car/truck pass, you can purchase one upon volunteer check-in at the gate.

Please remember to be mindful if you are purchasing tickets off others. If you purchase an electronic ticket from someone, you NEED to UPDATE THE NAME ON THE TICKET in order for it to be accepted at Front Gate. To do this, the seller needs to log into the Eventbrite account with the email used to purchase the ticket, and change the name to the purchaser.

Also, please note, this is a 19+ event. Minors are welcome but will need to be accompanied with a parent/guardian at ALL TIMES.

We ‪#‎FozzLuv‬ you so much!