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Matt Catley – Evolver – FozzyFest 2018!

Matt Catley – Evolver

Sacred Economics: Gifting and Community Building in an Age of Transition

Come and share in the creation of a new collective story; one aimed at building a beautiful future based upon a (r)evolutionary economic model that encourages community, love, cooperation, conservation, and quality of life over the presently destructive agreements which are devastating our home planet.

Money as it exists today is the very antithesis of the sacred. Collectively we have weaved a story that empowers money’s growth to unheard of levels and stockpiles it into the hands of a few, all the while feeding a giant that violates fundamental natural laws. It is in complete dissonance with our loving instincts when internal impulses toward generosity are dissipated by the thought, “I can’t afford to”. Is it possible to re-define our agreements about money so as to better connect our gifts with our needs – to bring this tool into resonance with our hearts?

There is no doubt that the insatiable greed of money is destroying the Earth as we empty the oceans, clear-cut the forests, strip the soil, and wipe out species all in the name of profit. Fortunately, the money system as we have known it is breaking down. Inspired by the work of Charles Eisenstein, we will explore the collectively evolving paradigms as we shift from separation to connection, the forces driving the present collapse, the new money solutions being created to embody the emerging stories, and how we can individually and collectively contribute to it.

The current crises gift us a beautiful window to re-connect with one another, to build a sense of community, and to co-create a loving world that gives every human being the opportunity to fully explore their gifts.

Matt Catley: Bio

For many years now, Matt has been on a quest to find answers to some of the most fundamental questions. Who are we? Why are we here? Why is there so much suffering and turmoil on this planet? What are the causes of the disharmony with which humanity is in with our home? From sacred healing journeys in Peru to fire walking and sweat lodges in B.C., Matt has demonstrated his willingness to push the boundaries of understanding in a lifelong quest for truth.

A recent University of Calgary BCOMM graduate, Matt has been instrumental in coordinating the local chapter of the Evolver network – a community aimed at bringing together groups already working for positive change while discussing topics often silenced by mainstream society. Evolver Calgary began in July 2010 and has grown into a community of over 600 individual members and numerous local organization partners.

Presently he is developing a Calgary Time Bank, a personal blog website, belief re-patterning workshops, weekend meditation intensives, gift circles, and a Facebook group called Mat Rix Evolution offering one-on-one sessions to help individuals discover their gifts and thrive by returning their gifts to the community.