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IMPORTANT UPDATE: Regarding BC Fires and Evacuation – FozzyFest 2018!


IMPORTANT UPDATE: Regarding BC Fires and Evacuation

Dear FozzyFam,

FozzyFest organizers have been monitoring the emergency situation in the area near Big Springs campground (where our festival is held). First and foremost our hearts and thoughts go out to the families and communities affected by the wildfires in BC, and to the firefighters battling day and night to contain so many fires. This is an intensely stressful situation for all involved.

Fire conditions are extreme in all of eastern BC and the government has closed all access to crown land including access to Big Springs campground, which is currently closed to comply with the order, and has been evacuated. Some residents in the area have also been ordered to evacuate, and others are on alert. We have been in touch with the campground and the fire service centre, but we generally do not have access to any information that is not available publicly (see links below).

Please respect the seriousness of this situation and the impact it is having on the residents in BC and festival organizers as we try to keep calm. We will continue to monitor the fire situation in the hopes that conditions will improve and we will be permitted to safely operate the festival at Big Springs, and we are also considering many alternatives. If you have questions, we unfortunately do not have answers at this point, other than what can be found at the links below. We will post updates as significant events occur.

In 2013, #FozzyFest was displaced from its previous home in Kananaskis country when the floods hit southern Alberta. Now in the festival’s 13th year, we are facing the almost identical challenge of dealing with a natural disaster two weeks before the festival is to begin. We made it through the challenge in 2013 and we are optimistic that things will work out in our 13th year as well.

Please keep the #GoodVibes going. And remember, Keep Calm and Fozzy On!