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IMPORTANT Festival Update – FozzyFest 2018!


IMPORTANT Festival Update

Hello FozzyFest family, friends, and the western Canadian electronic music festival community.

The FozzyFest Organizing Committee (FFOC) would like to thank our followers for their continued love and support over the last 15 years. As a community, we have been through many challenges over the years, but we have been able to persevere each and every time. With the dedication and hard work by the amazingly talented members of the FFOC, we have consistently lived by the motto of “The Little Festival that Could”. No matter what the situation or the challenges faced, the committee has always been able to “Keep Calm and Fozzy On” and has succeeded in throwing one of the most successful and unforgettable festivals year after year.
Since the floods of 2013, FozzyFest has been located on the beautiful beach at Big Springs Campground on Lake Koocanusa. We have been very fortunate to host FozzyFest at one of the nicest locations in western Canada. After 5 unique and memorable festivals on the lake, it is with heavy hearts that the FFOC officially announces that FozzyFest has lost its beloved festival home on the beach.

Despite the rumours that may be flying around, it was a decision made by the campground owners, the Tobacco Plains Indian Band Development Corporation (TPIBDC), and not the board of directors of the Regional District of East Kootenay. FozzyFest and the TPIBDC have always had a good relationship throughout the years and although it is difficult to accept, the FFOC understands the reasons why the decision was made. FozzyFest would like to thank the TPIBDC for allowing the festival to thrive at Big Springs campground since 2013. It is a special place and if you did not get a chance to experience the festival on the beach, we encourage you to visit Big Springs Campground with your family and friends in the future; you will not be disappointed.
What does this mean for you and for the future of FozzyFest? The FFOC has been searching for new venues to host the festival in 2019 and beyond but has not been able to find an ideal long term home to date. It must also be stated that since we are no longer at the beach, the dates of the festival can and will most likely be changed to earlier in the summer. The other possibility, as difficult as it might be, is that the festival will be postponed until 2020 or as a last resort, canceled altogether.

We as a committee will continue to search for a new home but we ask you, the members of the electronic music scene in western Canada to show us your support. Let the members of the FFOC know what FozzyFest means to you and if you know of any suitable pieces of land that may be able to host a festival. Although it would be nice…there doesn’t need to be a beautiful sandy beach. Any leads for properties or general inquiries can be directed to info@fozzyfest.com.

Note: All applications for talent, media, workshops, volunteers, etc. are on hold until we have some more clarity as to the direction of the 2019 festival.

Thank you for your understanding and continued support,

The FozzyFest Organizing Committee