Houseboat Info

Due to the BC wildfires, FozzyFest 2017 will no longer be held at Big Springs Campground and therefore, houseboats are not applicable.

We are now located at Metis Crossing Campground in Smoky Lake, AB. Please see ‘2017 Event’ page and click on ‘General Info and Location‘ for location details. For updates on the situation, please visit our ‘News‘ page.


We know there are a few Fozz-Pirates out there. We’re offering the modern pirate festival experience, why not roll into ‪‎FozzyFest 2017 on your very own houseboat?! Sunshine Houseboats & Marina will rent a boat to anyone who currently has a full-weekend ticket. *Limited boats available, so be quick.


Contact Sunshine Houseboats and book one of their boats by showing proof of purchase of a FozzyFest full-weekend ticket.

Once your boat is booked, someone from our crew will contact the ships captain and arrange the $400 dollar houseboat docking fee (mandatory).

Then you’re on your way to become the baddest, funkiest and sexiest modern pirate these shores have ever seen.