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FozzyFest 2016 – FozzyFest 2018!


FozzyFest 2016

Hello beauties. We’re sure you’ve all been wondering what the #*&% is happening over at Fozzy HQ these past few months, as typically we’re giving you all sorts of info about our upcoming event by now. It is important that all of you are kept in the loop with the challenges we’ve been facing, so here it goes…

We have been dealing with major legislative challenges relating to our 2016 event license and have been working tirelessly since January with regional authorities to try and resolve them. The next meeting with these authorities will be on June 10. This is an important one as it will determine whether we can go ahead with a full event.

We sincerely apologize to all of you for the delay. Please understand that we didn’t have any solid info to provide until now which is why we’ve been keeping quiet. For more specific details about these issues, you can head to our website: https://fozzyfest.com/2016-petition/

In true Fozzy spirit, we’re NOT GIVING UP. We’ve created a petition (link below) to present to the regional authorities which will prove how much we need this festival to continue cultivating connection and love within our community. If you want FozzyFest to continue happening on Lake Koocanusa, please sign, share, and encourage others to sign and share; we need your help, your love and your support more than ever. ‘Cause this is our #CollectiveEffervescence, this is #FozzyFest.

The good news is that we can now announce #FozzyFest2016 dates are SEPTEMBER 15-18 and tickets will go on sale JUNE15! Weeeeee!


**this petition needs to be signed by May 30, at which time the names will be turned over to the necessary authorities.