Art Team Application & Info


The FozzyFest Art Team designs and builds installations and environments that wow audiences and leave lasting impressions. We need talented artists to join our fabulous ART TEAM! Are you creative, fun, dependable, professional, hard-working and a team player? If yes, you sound perfect!

Why should you apply?

  • Our Art Team is a critical creative force and is recognized as such
  • Your art will be appreciated and likely photographed or filmed
  • An opportunity to work with a community and love-based festival
  • Work within a team environment; meet new people!
  • A chance to let your creative juices soar
  • Early admission (for setup) and free admission to the festival
  • Two meals per day during setup and teardown

MAKE IT YYC can provide access to conventional machines, computer aided design (CAD) programs, and computer numerically controlled (CNC) machines, such as a CNC router, fabric cutter and a plotter. We aim to empower individuals to help create their installations come true with the support FozzyFest Art Director Jayzen.

Interactive installations are strongly encouraged – if your piece interacts with nature (ex. wind, sun, water), or if guests can interact with your piece somehow, all the better! Reusing or upcycling materials is strongly encouraged. All installations need to be weather resistant and festival-proofed. Please consider where your talents would best fit in the subsections below. If you have a pre-existing installation you wish to bring, please submit it in the category it would fit best.

What we need:

Lighting Installations

Design fun and ambient lighting for walkways and gathering areas. FozzyFest is a large and open space with beautiful trees and pathways that require lighting for our guests. Put the magic in the air and smiles on everyone’s faces! Interactive and dynamic works that are capable of lighting areas and pathways are exactly what we need!

Forest Art Installations

Big Springs campground has a lot of trees and open spaces that can be used to create cool and inviting environments for guests to discover and play with. No nails or screws are to be used to affix items to trees – wire or straps are ok.

Beach Art Installations

Big Springs campground has a massive sand beach to display large scale installations. We can get extreme wind gusts, so please consider this in relation to your installation. Also, we need to be respectful of the health of the lake, so no chemicals or paint near the water.

Live Artists and Painters

If you are interested in creating an art piece throughout the weekend of the festival to show guests your creative process, tell us what you propose!

What you need to know:

  • After approval, FozzyFest will pay for the materials required to build your piece. We strongly encourage installations to be built using found, reused, recycled, or upcycled materials.
  • As part of your budget, MAKE IT YYC services can be provided at a special Fozzy rate once your proposal has been accepted.
  • If you propose to set up an existing installation/piece, compensation will be negotiated with the Art Team coordinator. You will be need to be completely self sufficient with regards to transportation, setup and treardown of your piece.
  • We require all artists to attend mandatory meetings before and during the festival.
  • All artists must be ready for set up at 10am on Tuesday September 11 which means you arrive on Monday night or early Tuesday morning so you have enough time to settle into your VIP camping and get going on your project.
  • Teardown of installations begins on Sunday, Sept. 16 at 10am. When you are finished dismantling your installation, we encourage you to help pick up garbage and debris in your areas so that we can restore Big Springs Campground back to a pristine piece of nature. Leave No Trace!
  • Artists are required to pay a $25 non-refundable admin fee, which gets you two meals per day during setup and teardown. If you are new to the Fozzy Art Team, you may additionally be required to pay a $265 deposit (the standard volunteer deposit) that will be refunded after the festival as long as you attend mandatory meetings and your installation was properly installed and dismantled, leaving no trace.
  • Artists must report on the progress of their work throughout the summer. All projects must be completed by August 30, 2018. Incomplete projects and/or projects deemed unsafe or offensive, will have to be amended promptly or they will not be installed at FozzyFest.

Application deadline: June 30, 2018.

Questions?  Talk to us: